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EU Settlement Scheme: The way forward?

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

The UK Government has announced the introduction of the "EU Settlement Scheme” which is expected to fully open to all applicants by 30 March 2019.

Pursuant to this scheme, EU nationals will be able to apply for a new “settled status” document confirming their indefinite right to live and work in the UK if they have remained in the UK for a minimum period of 5 years as at the date of Brexit.

For those applicants who have remained in the UK for less than the requisite 5 year period, the option of applying for a new “pre-settled status” will be made available. This would allow EU applicants to remain in the UK until such time as their 5 years period of residence for settled status is completed.

To apply, EU applicants will need to

  1. prove their identity

  2. provide evidence that that they have lived in the United Kingdom for the minimum period of time

  3. declare that they have no serious criminal convictions

  4. pay an application fee (currently anticipated to be around £65)

The minimum threshold for such applications has been deliberately set low and is in line with the Government’s ‘default’ position of granting settled status to EU nationals as opposed to rejecting the same.

For further details please contact our immigration team.

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