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Corporate & Personal Insolvency


Corporate & Personal Insolvency

Montpelier Solicitors are genuine specialists in corporate and personal insolvency.


We are regularly instructed by insolvency practitioners but are equally happy to provide high quality advice and assistance to debtors, creditors and company directors on an extensive range of corporate and personal insolvency procedures.


Our experience includes:


Corporate Insolvency


  • Preference, undervalue, wrongful and fraudulent trading actions

  • Compulsory and voluntary liquidation

  • Provisional liquidation

  • Administrations including the appointment of administrators and extending their terms of office

  • Provision of technical and compliance support to Insolvency Practitioners

  • s.216 prohibited name applications

  • Applications for company restoration, to defer dissolution and for rectification of the Register

  • Validation order applications

  • Advising office holders on retention of title claims

  • Advising directors as to insolvency and recovery options and implementing the same

  • Directors’ disqualification proceedings

  • Injunctions restraining winding up petitions (presentation and advertisement)

Personal Insolvency

  • Bankruptcy

  • Individual voluntary arrangements

  • Antecedent transaction proceedings

  • Applications to challenge trustee’s remuneration

  • Applications to suspend automatic discharge

  • Annulment applications

  • Asset realisation and matrimonial home proceedings

  • Bankruptcy restriction orders and undertakings

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