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Employers: It's time to apply!

The Government has indicated its intention to introduce wholesale changes to the UK immigration system which would apply to both EU and non-EU migrants.

As a result, it is anticipated that UK employers will now need to consider applying for an appropriate Sponsorship Licence in order to be able to continue recruiting foreign migrant workers. As it stands, employers who do not have a sponsorship licence will be unable to hire new workers from both inside the EU (effective from January 2021) and outside the EU or extend visas for current sponsored employees.

In order to safeguard their position, employers should consider taking pre-emptive steps in securing a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office so as to avoid delays and minimise any disruption to business once the new regime takes effect.

Obtaining a Sponsor Licence is an administrative process whereby employers are expected to submit some keys documents to the Home Office who will then make a decision following a review of the employer’s suitability and eligibility of being a sponsor. The application can be submitted online and there is a fee payable to the Home Office.

If successful, a Sponsor Licence will be granted for an initial period following which it will need to be renewed.

At Montpelier Solicitors we are able to assist employers with the process of applying for a Sponsorship Licence and to advise and guide throughout the recruitment process.

Please contact one of our immigration solicitors to arrange a free without obligation consultation.

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